Social Responsibility(2018)

Sinopec CSR Review 2018

AG注册Upholding our mission of “better energy for better living,” Sinopec focuses on implementing the nation’s five development concepts (innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development) and carrying out five development strategies (value-oriented, innovation-driven, integrated resource allocation, open cooperation, and green and low-carbon growth). Integrating CSR into corporate management and daily operation, we work with stakeholders to perform CSR in six aspects: energy and chemical industry, green action, joining hands with partners, giving back to society, overseas CSR performance, and CSR management, with aims to create comprehensive economic, social and environmental value, achieve common sustainable development of our enterprise and stakeholders, and constantly meet the needs of the people for a better life.

Meeting People’s Needs for Energy and Chemical Products

sinopec is committed to promoting energy production and consumption revolution and building a clean, safe, efficient and low-carbon energy system. while accelerating the upgrading of manufacturing industry, we endeavor ...


Green Actions to Promote Environmental Progress

AG注册implementing the low-carbon green development strategies, with priority given to environmental protection, sinopec makes continuous efforts to improve integrated environmental management ...


Giving Back to Society and Sharing Development Achievements

AG注册sinopec faithfully fulfill our duty of paying taxes in accordance with law to serve the country’s economic development and social progress. we work to enhance community administration, promote community ...


Fulfilling CSR Overseas for Common Prosperity

AG注册 implementing the belt and road initiative, sinopec formulates development plans from an international perspective and leverages its advantages in an industrial chain integrating upstream, midstream ...


Sinopec CSR Data 2018

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